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Just giving Link for Aysha, tragically killed at westminster

After watching the scenes of Westminster on tv yesterday i became angry and upset… Innocent people being killed in such horrible and evil circumstances whilst just going about their daily routines.
Although we are powerless to stop these type of incidents we can stand up together as a country and make a difference.

scenes of Westminster

In the same way that a page has been set up to raise money for the police officer who was killed outside the palace, and rightly so.. as the man is a true hero – The Through the Fight Team have decided to set up this page to provide help for mother of 2 Aysha Frade, who was also killed in this horrific attack.
Aysha was on her way to pick up her 2 children when she was mowed down on the Westminster Bridge.
Because of this gutless and cowardly act Aysha’s children are without their mother.
I would like to raise money to support Aysha’s family in whatever way they may need it and have donated myself
My thoughts and prayers are with Aysha’s family.

Here is the link to the just giving page.

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