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Through The Fight will be offering our support to local 13 year old boy Kyle.

Kyle Crowder from Waltham Abbey* , Essex has recently been diagnosed with Stage 3 Cancer.
A shy boy attending the local King Harold Academy School, Kyles cancer has spread to his lymph nodes.
Kyle started Chemotherapy at the University College Hospital, London last week and his treatment will last for 25 weeks.
During some of this time Kyle will have to stay overnight for periods of at least 3 nights at a time, away from the comfort of his own home and family.

After the lengthy 25 week process, the specialists will then be able to asses the progress and sit down with Kyles family and discuss whether the tumour has shrunk enough for them to remove it.
Kyle and his family will need all the support they can get which is why we have set up a crowdfunding page.
All monies raised will be used to help with the cost of Kyles continuous trips to the University College Hospital and for anything that will help to keep him comfortable during this difficult time.

The Through The Fight Foundation will be supporting Kyle through his fight against this rare type of cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma.
We understand for all, that things are difficult at this moment in time, but if people are able to make a donation of any kind, this will be, as always, massively appreciated.

If everyone could also help by sharing the crowdfunding page that would be great.
Our thoughts are with young Kyle and his family at this difficult time 💙

You can read more about Kyle at our Just Giving funding page by clicking the link below.
As always we cannot thank you enough for your generous support.

  • *Waltham Abbey, Essex is the host town of TTFF.

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