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Support For Cancer Victim Peter Howe


I am raising money to help 67 year old cancer victim Peter Howe buy a specially adapted chair to make him more comfortable through his chemotherapy.

Peter Howe’ a home was burgled and the thieves stole £300 that he had withdrawn from his bank to buy this specially adapted chair.

Mr Howe’s is now unable to afford this chair

The thieves also stole a Galaxy j1 mobile phone and a Panasonic Lumix Camera and a gold seven bar gate bracelet along with a gold topaz and diamond ring.

I would love to get back the £300 that Peter Howe’s had stolen and give it to him in person so that he could but his chair and be more comfortable though out his chemotherapy.

People who target the elderly should be stood up to and although the victim was unable to do so at the time I think that we as a community should make a stand against this type of behaviour and help him get the chair that he deserves

I am also going to make a donation myself

Dig deep people. Let’s make a difference

Thanks for your time


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